Birds Around My Home

When i had been home during Ganesha festival on a long holiday I noticed that there were varieties of birds wandering around my home, The chion chion sound of Ashy Prinia was very soothing and pleasant to hear. Initially could not recognise and identity which birds they were, When i started watching them carefully every day realised that there were many varieties of birds all these birds used to come near bushes, flowering trees planted in the neighbourhood. Few found on the Electric wire while few playing on slope of the roofs while others resting on bars of the balcony.
It was a visual treat to watch them every day!!!

Red Vented Bulbul 
Then I decided to capture them in my camera.The very first one i spotted was Red Vented Bulbul 
This little tiny bird was found resting on the bars of the balcony  found to be very curious bird. Not really sure which bird is this.

Common Myna's too were relaxing on the balcony bars.

Purple Ramped Sunbird used to come every day in the evening around 5.30. On Sugandharaj Flower to suck fragrance of the flower. This bird is highly alert and moving bird found very difficult to capture.
Purple Ramped Sunbird

There were large number of  Scaly Breasted Munia seen around.
 Scaly Breasted Munia

Initially when i was capturing this bird din't know what it is nor could see those multi colors on it due to bright sunlight only after seeing  preview in my camera was surprised with soo many colors on it. When i goggled got to know it's.
 Copper Smith Barbet

Ashy Prinia One of my favourite bird mainly because of the ear catching sound it makes.
Ashy Prinia

Twin Scaly Breasted Munia were hiding in bushes to protect them self from heavy rain.

Yet another highly dynamic Purple Ramped Sunbird found up side down.

It became more exciting as I started finding new birds everyday. Wish to see these little friends next time I go home!!